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quzhou assessment team visits our scientific and technological advancement and personnel work

posttime:2016-07-30 16:12:44

july 28 afternoon, the assessment team to quzhou jiangshan city, party and government leaders on the 2015 annual scientific and technological progress and implementation of human resources work target responsibility assessment, and branch of china electric power technology co., ltd. to conduct investigations. municipal committee, ministers of the organization to participate chun ye, general manager zhang peaks accompanied the expedition.
  2015, jiangshan city, scientific and technological work closely around gongyejiangfu main strategy, transformation and upgrading of the main direction, and actively promote the people business innovation, the city's first annual patent applications exceeded one thousand mark, up to 1039. 129 applications for invention patents, licensed 47, an increase of 51.76% and 135%, respectively, million effective patent has a capacity of 2.65.


assessment team line fieldwork kerun power company. zhang, general manager of peaks reported cases related to the assessment of his group. in recent years, the company kerun million yuan investment, the introduction of technical personnel, and promote scientific and technological innovation, has a "kerun provincial high-tech automation power equipment r & d center", and met with tsinghua university, zhejiang university, hangzhou electronic university of technology, quzhou university, xi'an high voltage apparatus research institute, shenyang transformer research institute and many other institutions of higher learning, scientific research units to maintain close relations of cooperation, to build a "research" a combination of platform, focus on technological innovation and quality improvement by "research", the company has accumulated a good technical innovation resources to expand the company's r & d platform to enhance the company's ability to develop innovative, while according to the national industrial policy-oriented, and constantly develop new generation of intelligent transmission and distribution of electrical equipment products to meet the development of power industry. september 2015, the company and the world's top 500 us companies general electric (ge) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement to become the company's strategic partner age. through technical cooperation, the establishment of cooperative relations, to further promote the upgrading of products, improve product market share. the company is a patent demonstration enterprise quzhou city, zhejiang province scientific and technological innovation, the company chairman wang jiangshan city, in may this year also won the "ten second national business innovation pioneer." 

assessment team noted kerun scientific and technological progress and the power company leaders attach importance to human resources work, hard work, initiative and innovation, with remarkable results, should be fully affirmed. next, enterprises should strengthen the scientific and technological personnel, and further emphasis on innovation platform, give full play to the role of the national and provincial talent, "thousands of plans," trying to gain experience jiangshan innovation platform, providing a model to promote the city's scientific and technological progress and personnel work contribute.

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