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zhang, general manager of the peaks for listing companies to participate in the work of quzhou spot

posttime:2016-07-07 13:42:07

  july 6 pm, quzhou city to promote each other's work for listing companies look mutual learning held a spot in changshan county.
  quzhou city vice mayor tang feifan attended the meeting, quzhou city finance office director mr chan presided over the meeting. quzhou counties (cities, districts), gathering area, quzhou city commission by letter, the financial bureau, the irs, science and technology bureau, bureau of agriculture, forestry, bureau of commerce, epa, market administration and other departments responsible comrades; listed companies , to be listed companies, a total of 68 large-scale enterprises are mainly responsible for people attended the meeting. the meeting was also invited to participate source shenwan hong securities co., ltd., jin hua securities company limited, country financial securities co., ltd. related to responsible comrades. our general manager zhang peaks typical speech at the meeting.
  participants fieldwork alicia zhejiang environmental protection technology co., ltd. and zhejiang emperor, listed three new board two key enterprises responsible for typical speech, changshan county on how to advance the introductory work for listing companies from the government level, shen wanhong source securities co., ltd. ye qiang, general manager of investment banks as "after stratification how to make business bigger and stronger by the new board," keynote speech, the counties (cities, districts), gathering area for reporting analysis.
  our general manager zhang peaks typical speech at the meeting, "capital power kerun by a dream to fly," the chapter on the basic conditions and the total listed three new board practices and the use of capital boost business development kerun power to everyone to do instructions. he received a warm welcome, but also by vice mayor tang affirmed.
  vice mayor tang noted kerun listed electricity, promote the development of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. kerun experience is worth learning and reference, can also go after learn and communicate with each other, we must rely on good experience, teach and learn to carry out. currently, the city enterprises listed performance significantly. the number of listed companies increased significantly, increased their strength, core competitiveness improved significantly; listed companies to further enhance the competitive advantage of the city's manufacturing industry, chemical paper and other traditional industries, increase the proportion of the city's high-tech industries, effectively promote the city's industrial structural optimization and upgrade. current city enterprises listed on the work there is still work to promote the blocks imbalance problems and shortcomings, need attention.
  vice mayor tang stressed the need to continue to unswervingly work to accelerate the city's listed companies. city (county) levels of government and relevant departments should continue to vigorously promote the listing of the training, the expansion of the number of listed companies and fields, strengthen coordination mechanisms to solve business listed in the process of difficulties and problems; enterprises to accelerate the docking capital market platform, the city listed companies and thus the amount of quality, actively make good use of capital markets platform to carry out effective capital operation, focus on strategic business development research, familiar with the various capital instruments, a good grasp of the point and the "window period."

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