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the company held a farewell tea party retired employees

posttime:2016-08-22 11:24:42

  at 16:30 on august 22 afternoon, the company has 209 conference room bustling, endless laughter, converging a management team, we perform retirement tea party. the protagonist is xiongqing guo company vice president, chief financial officer cai yan cents. in accordance with company practice, employees retire, the company wants to retirees conduct a farewell tea party, invite the leadership of the company, together with the relevant employee representatives attended.

  meeting chaired by the general manager zhang peaks, board of supervisors and senior executives of various departments, division, and other officers join the tea party. zhang, general manager at the tea party spoke highly of the two retired executives, he said, bear deputy honest, simple, work diligently, due diligence. yan, director of rigorous work, seriously, dedication, pragmatic, more than ten years as one day. they witnessed a magnificent turn every kerun electricity, but also for the development of electric power kerun quiet dedication. bid farewell to the familiar table, your mind is reluctant to part, we sincerely wish, i only hope that the well-being, said loudly: huijia see.

  tea party on a warm atmosphere, warm conversation. deputy general manager wang lung ying to work with the two executives were recalled, recalls many anecdotes to share with you, the company is also feeling the rapid development has brought comfort, the future is full of hope and passion. a new life after the retirement of two executives placed a blessing. farewell meeting, colleagues speak out, they thank the deputy bear, yan, director of the routine work of help and care, we have the blessing two retired executives and healthy life, dignity, and hope they'll look more to the company . two retired executives also talked excitedly parting speech, thanks to the leadership of their concern, thank you for working together for decades to come, i hope the company develop better and better.

  company chairman wang made an important speech: first, the two executives affirmed the outstanding work performance and expressed their gratitude to the company for their work for the company without complaint; the second is two executives blessing good health, retirement colorful life; the third is more hope that the two retired executives to the company and look around, continue to focus on kerun development. then wang, chairman of the certificate issued to the two retired executives, the company presented the gift to the two beautifully presented flowers.

  tea party posed for pictures at all happy in the end. whole tea party will be filled with a farewell, harmonious and warm atmosphere. retired employees farewell tea party success, further harmonious relations with the company's retired employees, and promoting the harmonious development of the company.

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