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action, sublimation dedication

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action, sublimation dedication
- remember fighting in yushan island courage and the courage to fight it

  yushan 35kv power transmission project will make delivery, installation shorthanded;
  because sales have increased by 40% over last year, all service department personnel have all assignments;
  due to orders "blowout", an increase of 50%, the production is very busy and can not deploy production line personnel;
  yushan 35kv power transmission project is a new model of local power system engineering, had essentially no experience can refer to the installation, combined with power system and power-on time of acceptance have strict requirements, so the smooth completion of the work on time faced with a very severe test.
  how to do? how to solve this thorny problem? company board chairman and general manager very worried.
  "let me go!" april 19, the company branch secretary, union president tianguang music about the incident, volunteered. soon, the general manager working meeting held immediately, the decision to deploy tianguang music, jianggang you machine repair, quality control section wang yanhao three to go, can such a large project, it is still a lack of manpower, the company vice president of high total, total general manager xie guangrun support, decided to additional office in cixi ma lidong, two guangrun he xin, together consisting of five persons "kerun yushan temporary installation project teams" to the line to complete the difficult task.
  at 17:00 on april 20, shoulder kerun responsibility and sense of mission, install squad depart for fishing island.

harsh environment, failed to erase their high morale

  yushan island, geographically isolated, blocking traffic, install squad after 5 hours by land, sea 2 hours, crossing en route for unstable high tide time, they are still sleeping the night marina, several twists and turns, and finally at 22 noon 12:00 arrival. to a site, they immediately opened the uninstall work. limited space and can not be changed at once remove the tank, according to the weather forecast and analysis, the flood season has come to yushan island may encounter heavy rain at any time of the raid, the box becomes urgent lifting work. after deliberation, the installation teams to take a side unloading side loading model, as the oldest team tianguang music, regardless of their own safety jianggang you, personally climbing structures roof box changes, after two days and two nights of hard work, finally time for the rain completed before the arrival of the lifting work for the next job to start creating more favorable conditions for the foundation.

hard life, failed to hinder the pace of their front line
  busy during the day, so that they temporarily forget the harsh environment of discomfort whenever night sleep, is the most painful time. due to limited conditions, they can only be stationed in containers to sleeping overnight on the island big temperature difference between day and night, midnight often wake up cold, they can only bite the bullet and go back to sleep. and the wind on the island, but also wong, the weather is dry and dusty, in the morning, all of them are rustic face, mouth, and nose are dirt, but funny you say: during the day to eat pounds of soil the evening had to mend. "encounter rainy weather, wet ground, sleeping bags, water seepage and often, we will only several times all eyes open until dawn. the island has no restaurant, three meals a day gains and local construction team of more than 20 workers crammed a truck and drove to shiji li outside the small restaurant dining, several times, in order to catch them time to soak in the site of instant noodles to eat. because of the small bound the way the restaurant is uneven, often bumps along the way to go forward, to come back after dinner bumps along the way, so that they often feel stomach pains. island's only source of water is from a well yellow, turbid, difficult to import. whether sunny or windy rain, the face of such harsh living environment, again and again, they have been physically and mentally exhausted, but had never complained, never gave up, still hard at work on a construction site.

the pain of torture, failed to overthrow their firm conviction
  because of the weather and work day and night, tianguang music with several teammates in the period may have had a bad cold, especially jianggang you, when the company would continued to work sick, go fishing island shihai carry drugs, 5 beginning january 10, they have appeared diarrhea symptoms, even in such a difficult state, still holding positions in the fighting in the first line of the installation. due to changes in the organization of work, the beginning of winter horse, he xin has two staff back to the company, reducing staff did not affect the enthusiasm of the staff left. they believe that: as long as the difficulties firm belief perseverance, there is no can not overcome, no do not do. tianguang music eventually led jianggang you, wang yanhao tenacious fighting spirit to overcome unimaginable work of bad weather all the time and are facing difficulties and hardships, good governance, before loading the line, after 27 days, day and night, the successful completion of a combination of 35kv box changes the installation work.
  successful completion of the mission, is to install the squad united, the result   courageously fighting. party secretary tianguang music played responsibility and play an old party members, dissatisfied with the spirit of the old installation work, always myself. he often teammates said: this is my career the most glorious thing done, zaikuzailei all worth it. jianggang you as the company's older employees, relying on an old cattle generally motivated to work dutifully. since the sea breeze day and night to patronize, originally belonging to the sensitive skin was tanned "africans." wang yanhao as a 90, he is the youngest of a team, but it has to be patient and calm over the age of, in this installation is learn, courage and show the young employees dedicated spirit .
  the installation teams with full enthusiasm, high morale, tenacious style interpretation of the fearless hero and a high degree of professionalism. them this courage to act with courage, dedication and hard work of all staff of the company is worth serious study. at the same time hope that all employees should take the example of role models, innovation, work hard, down to earth, the courage to meet the challenges, in order to accelerate the company's development and make new contributions.

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