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"twin engine" driven kerun electricity inject new vitality of development

posttime:2016-05-13 08:25:54

  branch of china electric power technology co., comfortable "new three board" listed since further improve the combination articles to infuse fresh blood in the capital, through the improvement of corporate governance structure, standardize the management of enterprises, and increase investment in research and innovation, but also the company on the basis of endogenous power, but also increase the "capital" of the engine, kerun by "double engine" driving, sustained and healthy development reinvigorate the company.
  these days, branch of china power technology co., ltd. workshop machine rumbling sound, the workers are in full swing operation, it has witnessed a fiery production scene. this year, the branch of china began to receive the national grid and chongqing, guangdong, guizhou and zhejiang power grid corporation of orders, more than 100 million yuan contract price these days is stepping up production.
  kerun power company vice president of production luxian rong: due to traffic blowout orders than in previous years has been 40% growth, to the moment we booked through august this year.

  kerun since landing the capital market, through two shares set by the co-financing of 60 million yuan, mainly for companies such as backbone and customer, by the customer so that the participants become shareholders, simple business relationship ties through shares become string community of interests, not only enhance the team's unity and cohesion, market development, sales growth basis.
  luxian rong: now we produce health essentially "6 1", "white with black" state, did not have the usual sunday rest. for the successful completion of our order, our company from top to bottom have paid a lot of effort.

  next, kerun company will seize the first year of the country "thirteen five year plan", the company successfully signed in the capital markets of these two opportunities, adhering to the "has been committed to research and development and improve the industrial chain of power products; always focus to enhance the quality and kerun brand building, "the purpose, hard skills, solid foundation to further enlarge and transformers, switchgear doing fine; leverage the capital market, relying on the power of capital, accelerating into the" innovation level " "set by", "market-making", "switch board", etc., to carry out a series of acquisitions, the integration of resources, encourage enterprises to achieve higher and faster development.

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