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christine he wangrong chairman won the "ten second national entrepreneurship and innovation pioneer"

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  to deepen promoting universal entrepreneurship and innovation, give full play to the typical role model, and further stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation vitality of the whole society, the formation of public entrepreneurship and innovation, a lively situation, boosting the city's "thirteen five" good beginning, a good step. by the municipal government research, we decided to launch the second session of the national entrepreneurship and innovation pioneer ten selection activities. recommended by the relevant departments and leading group named lian ping, and after discussion by the municipal standing committee, the city selected the second session of the national ten entrepreneurial innovation pioneer.


  wu water root, male, born in october 1971, the eu sent jiangshan door industry company limited.
  entrepreneurship and innovation performance: in cooperation with zhejiang agriculture and forestry university established the "doors of research and development centers" and "research base" and established the first domestic "doors of the museum", a total of 217 patented existing 4 invention patents, utility model patents 26 item. layout of the country at all levels have more than one thousand stores, with import and export rights, products exported to more than 60 countries. 2015 output value of 670 million yuan, annual output of 852,000 sets of wooden doors, sales of 654 million yuan, tax 70.27 million yuan and exports worth 10.41 million us dollars.

  wang, male, born in november 1976, branch run power technology company limited.
  entrepreneurship and innovation performance: lead the business development of the total assets of 246 million, in 2015 the output value of 480 million yuan of national high-tech enterprises. november 2015 in the country officially listed on the sme share transfer system. he has won the "fourteenth zhejiang outstanding entrepreneurs", "outstanding entrepreneurs of smes in zhejiang province", "quzhou city of outstanding young entrepreneurs" honorary title.

  xu changfu, male, born in september 1963, cogent quzhou tourism development company limited.
  entrepreneurship and innovation performance: development and construction of "floating covered mountains canyoning" sports and leisure tourism projects, to fill the jiangshan city, water sports and leisure tourism project blank. successfully held the "floating covered mountains canyoning cup" drifting game, "floating covered mountains cup" casual athletic season, floating covered mountains canyon rafting events "tanabata" sports festival; in 2015, to assist the contractor "yangtze river delta sports experience season (country station) "," zhejiang orienteering championships "and many other events, sports and leisure tourism in zhejiang province demonstration bases and other honorary titles.

  zhu sen root, male, born in october 1971, zhejiang agricultural science and technology co., ltd. chairman red scarf.
  entrepreneurship and innovation performance: 2014 registered red scarf zhejiang agricultural science and technology co., ltd. in 2015 to invest 62.5 million yuan to build a nissan 400,000 pueraria beverage fully automated production line, the first in zhejiang province made gegen drinks food and beverage production license. with the shanghai food research institute jointly established pueraria product development center, six months and achieved four national patents, the establishment of quzhou expert workstation. products have entered shanghai, chongqing and other 7 provinces (municipalities) market. "company yuan yuan farmers base" model, to build mu gegen ji to make growth become gegen planting mountain economy.

  huang fang, male, born in march 1973, fonda jiangshan city logistics limited.
  entrepreneurship and innovation performance: 2013 introduction of 12 natural gas vehicles, invested more than 10 million yuan self-built stations, made quzhou city, the first natural gas vehicle filling license now purchase the natural gas vehicles more than 50. vehicle maintenance with the company in 2014 invested more than 300 million yuan into the car repair company. the company is now owned vehicles more than 200 vehicles, employed 500 people, the annual transportation capacity of 200 tons more than the annual output value of 170 million yuan in taxes over 300 million.

  mao race spring, female, born in september 1957, zhejiang sky transformer co., ltd. chairman.
entrepreneurship and innovation performance: the establishment of provincial transformer research and development center, in cooperation with tsinghua university and other institutions, has undertaken and implemented the national science and technology projects of six, two major science and technology in zhejiang province, has 82 patents involved in the formulation of national standard 2. get the honorary title of national high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province technological innovation excellent enterprises in zhejiang province innovative pilot enterprises, patent model enterprises in zhejiang province, zhejiang province, harmonious labor relations in enterprises.

  wang jisen, male, born in october 1952, zhejiang guoshi magnetic industry company limited.
entrepreneurship and innovation performance: relying on existing resources, persistence, cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, the enterprise into an industry-based, high-tech, high-efficiency integrated modern enterprise diversified. in cooperation with the "national thousand talents program" talent team to jointly develop high-end magnetic materials companies led by the high pollution, high energy consumption of cement production enterprises, the transition to electricity, chemicals and soft enterprises.

  lin xiang xia, female, born in september 1981, jiangshan item xia family farm farmers.
entrepreneurship and innovation performance: planting and actively explore a new model, that "no difference tian contracting production contract, good field labor and costs, overcapacity full prize contractors," the new management, the introduction of advanced agricultural machinery, promote agricultural "machinery substitution" to promote agricultural agronomic integration, to promote food industry whole industry chain development, agricultural operations each year to provide services to more than 1,000 households, covering an area of 10,000 mu, processing and sales of rice and rice more than 2300 tons, sold quzhou, wenzhou and jiangxi shangrao, yushan, etc. . jiangshan city, the first establishment of innovative food banks, farmers store grain solve the problem.



  rao jun xi, male, born in july 1967, jinling hotel jiangshan chairman.
entrepreneurship and innovation performance: the hotel has more than 280 employees, including specialist academic staff of more than 53 people, senior technician five people. 2015 turnover of 28 million yuan, ranking the country first in the hotel and catering industry, quzhou ten. 2016 first quarter sales exceeded 11 million yuan, the annual turnover is expected to reach 45 million yuan, is expected to become quzhou tourist hotel services industry's leading enterprises.

  yanzai liang, male, born in november 1968, zhejiang jeter electrical co., ltd chairman.
  entrepreneurship and innovation performance: back in 2007 founded the zhejiang jiangshan jeter electrical co., ltd., engaged in the production and sales of christmas gifts, generators, inflatable toys, plastic products and other products. the company owns moshi, jay st., jerry, jie feng four branches, annual output value of 800 million yuan, exports 100 million us dollars, the export tax rebate of 70 million, more than 400 million in taxes.


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