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under the first-line management personnel, qi fight united

posttime:2016-04-21 08:38:22
   night april 18, the inner kerun production workshop is still lit, witnessed a scene in full swing work. support by the company branch secretary, union president tian guang yue, vice president of production luxian rong, wang zhangbin total aid and other executives of the production line is orderly busy.
  recent sales orders continue, the situation is gratifying, but because of urgent delivery, to the production workshop has brought a greater challenge. to ensure timely delivery rate, under the guidance of the chairman and general manager of the company executives set up an emergency support team, the production line was added to the top of st. augustine classes, actively participate in the many heavy production line operations, and they will extension work, not only established a management group, also set up a quality control group, machine repair, foreign aid groups. they do not have a fixed station in the workshop, where there is a need to which job, no matter what the procedure, you can see all of them and frontline employees work hard to figure.

  the support for the production, management and front-line staff to help each other, support each other, care about each other, although the plight tired point, but let us see their firm determination to fight side by side, with the "unity" of the team pull together to practical action interpretation of the spirit of collaboration and team cohesion.

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