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full participation go hand in hand - kerun power erp system upgrade start successful convening of the general assembly

posttime:2016-03-17 12:55:17

  according to the chairman's instructions, to implement the company's information technology strategic deployment of new, rapid further enhance the level of modern management of enterprises to adapt to changes in the new era of enterprise management, comply with the development trend of the capital market, the march 16 afternoon, i west an qiyuan software technology company with limited liability company project manager tian ruyi jointly held the "branch of china power erp system upgrade start of the general assembly" in the conference room 209. zhang, general manager of the peaks, the company leading the project team members of nearly 30 people attended the meeting.
  erp system fully upgraded, is one important measure of the company's management in 2016. at the meeting, zhang total around erp project combined with the actual situation made a detailed analysis, pointed out that information technology is an important means of support to enhance the business management, on-line after the upgrade will be more standardized management company, operating more orderly, more accurate data, greatly improve work efficiency, improve the overall quality and management level executives. meanwhile, zhang always stressed that the erp upgrade will be a long and arduous task, all members must be "pragmatic, hard" to develop a detailed weekly plan, the implementation of strict inspection week, strengthening the departments, coordination between the step and the step, go all out with open source technology team to do the system upgrade.
  open source software companies total field from division i to the development of the software features, aspects, benefits and other services to implementation mechanisms provided a detailed description and interpretation of the attention point during the project implementation and all aspects of our work for special circumstances to develop a clear time schedule, in strict accordance with the implementation schedule.
  the conference was held marking the company's erp upgrade project officially began this work in three phases, time, heavy task, involving a wide range of sincere cooperation needs of each business line, erp key user participation and hard start guidance and cooperation source technology team. firmly believe that if we are united, this erp system upgrade work will be a complete success!

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