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zhejiang changshan changshan county government leaders rate delegation to visit our company study

posttime:2016-03-16 13:16:32
   march 14 afternoon, changshan county government office party members, finance director fang jianping rate changshan county line, and the bureau of quality supervision branch or electricity, refrigeration sesson, feipu explosion-proof electrical and other companies responsible for the composition of the delegation to visit our company tours. company chairman wang rong, general manager zhang peaks led to the arrival of the delegation a warm welcome fangzhu ren.
  in the delegation, accompanied by the general chapter, we visited the division i transformer production base, production base of high and low voltage, and to our production management, equipment, product quality and other highly praised.
  subsequently, the delegation came to the company's headquarters office building, conference room 209 at the forum, wong tung & partners meeting on enterprise development, business management, capital operation, and experience and strategic direction of the future made specific share; zhang division i will always how do i log into the three new board, access to capital markets and related factors detailed briefing; the mission of a number of business executives on their business development road, issues related to the capital market were frank communication; our situation fangzhu ren and wong tung & partners speech highly positive, grateful to changshan entrepreneur made many valuable ideas and proposals, and invited to the draw when wong tung & partners changshan, changshan county and the principal leaders, many entrepreneurs further exchanges also hope to further strengthen cooperation with the division i, help promote the rapid development of the country and changshan industry.

  the study not only demonstrates our good good corporate image, but also demonstrates our strong brand strength, it is the division i fully affirmed the years of rapid development. in the future, we will, as always, committed to improving product development and power industry chain, to focus on quality improvement and kerun brand building, and constantly go beyond and achieve better results.

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