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the city's 11 newly listed companies and financing the introduction of faster private investment of 300 million yuan

posttime:2016-02-28 14:16:57
   (reporter correspondent wang chongjun zheng liang plot) yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal finance office, as of january 31, the city's 11 new three board listed companies attracted a total private investment of 312.3 million yuan, of which the thai environmental, kerun electricity, sheng paper attracting investment surpassed 40 million yuan.
  "the most obvious feeling is more standardized enterprise management, operation easier, but also greatly reduce the financial pressure." kerun electricity chairman wang admitted that listed the end of october last year, has raised electricity kerun 60 million yuan, plans to end of may before the completion of financing of 140 million yuan. branch of china is a manufacturer of high power, low-voltage switchgear and equipment manufacturers, growth of 30% last year, the output value of 300 million yuan.
  "because it is equity financing, although dilute corporate control, but companies do not have financial interest and other cost pressures, especially through our equity incentive, the more than 80 business executives, shareholders converted into quality customers, thereby greatly enhancing enterprise cohesion . "wang introduced after the companies listed, corporate image and reputation has been enhanced. in the bidding and other business activities, it is more easy to obtain the trust of customers than ever before.
  "august 4, 2015, the city realized the three new board listed companies breakthrough, to january 31, 2016, there have been 19 companies in three new board listed success." city finance office staff say so, over the past year government vigorously to build a learning platform for training, guidance forward, up and down so that the city formed a listed companies to actively promote a strong atmosphere of the counties (cities, districts) starting a competing listing fortunate situation. is expected to the end of 2016, the city a total of three new board listed companies strive to break 50.

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