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kerun busy production company operating at full capacity

posttime:2016-02-28 13:41:05

  in recent days, branch of china power technology co., ltd. workshop machine rumbling sound, the workers are in full swing operation, it has witnessed a fiery production scene. "we produce 46 sets of low voltage switch cabinet has been basically completed, is preparing to export to vietnam." the company's production management center luxian rong truth.
  "this year, we began to receive the national grid and chongqing, guangdong, guizhou and zhejiang power grid corporation of orders, more than 100 million yuan contract price, these days are speeding up production." chapter peaks, general manager of the company say so, the company has completion of more than 3,000 million of orders, production planning lined up in may. "only february 15 to start the day after the holiday, we had issued nearly 10 car product."
  in recent years, "run by" accelerating the pace of technological innovation, accelerate the upgrading of products, promote the steady and healthy development of the company. the company has continuously increased capital investment, the establishment of sheet metal "cnc machining centers", the purchase of automatic transformer silicon steel cutting line and other advanced sophisticated high-end equipment, products using three-dimensional electrical engineering design optimization software, with an annual output of 15,000 sets of high and low voltage equipment transformers 3 million kva, high-voltage electrical components 5000.
  "we have established with a number of colleges and research institutions long-term cooperative relations, training and the introduction of a large number of outstanding professionals, have developed an intelligent high and low voltage equipment and transformers and other s13 series of energy-saving products." chapter describes the peaks, in september last year, the us company ge energy (ge) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world's top 500 international companies cooperate, to further promote the upgrading of products, improve product market share. "in particular, our research and development cooperation mls-v new energy-saving low voltage switch cabinet, after the company pulled further mass production scale, and further enhance the management level and skill level of employees has a positive effect." chapter peaks truth.
  since november last year, since the "new three board" listed "kerun" further improve the combination articles for the sustained and healthy development has injected new vitality. "we pay close attention to product quality, improve product brands, continue to develop the national grid and all the provincial power grid market and expand production scale." zhang said peaks, in accordance with national requirements, this year the company plans mass production of low energy consumption, pollution-free, long life, easy maintenance of energy-efficient amorphous alloy transformer, to further enhance the economic and environmental benefits.
  "according to the current progress of the finalists in the work around the levels, and the recent good momentum of winning and order situation, the first half is expected to achieve output value of 180 billion yuan." zhang peaks, said the company will continue to rely on the capital market, and reduce financing costs and further improve combination articles continue to promote enterprises bigger and stronger.

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