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the company held meeting of job of safe production

posttime:2014-08-30 14:30:14

  the afternoon of august 30, 2014, kerun company held meeting of job of safe production, the meeting chaired by the director of general office of xu dexing, xiong qingguo, vice manager of production safety equipment department and branch director yu linhai attended the meeting.

  director xu on the production safety work near section time are summarized, the meeting request: responsible for one, each branch factory, workshop director on site safety work, the illegal operation to stop, promptly corrected promptly, the safe hidden trouble to discover, timelyimplementation of        special rectification; two, to strengthen production safety training education,make each employee familiar with the post operation characteristic, strengthen wearing protective ppe requirements; three, the new pre job workers must be approved by the three level safety training, pass the examination before appointment; four, personnel are required tooperate machinery, mastering the technical rules for safe operation of equipment,conscientiously do a good job of equipment maintenance and maintenance, to ensure theavailability of equipment.

  finally, director xu stressed the branch (department) leadership must attach great importance to production safety work, action should be based on the post, the focus of remediation,combining prevention with elimination, ensure production safety without accidents.

(xu lanlan liu jianbo)

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