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the company held the grass-roots party branch to organize life will

posttime:2014-08-29 13:19:19

  the afternoon of august 28, 2014, kerun company party branch organized the mass line inparty organization life. meeting of the party branch secretary le tian led light, chapter, zhou wuhua, xu dexing, yu linhai, the peaks of more than 20 members participated in theorganization of life.

  the topic of organizational life, party branch secretary from abide by the party's political discipline and carry out the eight conditions, "four winds" problems, the cause of the problemanalysis, corrective measures and direction and other aspects of the control and inspection;branch and middle cadre attitude, positive, self education education and self criticism as the focus, one by one, self analysis, analysis of "outstanding problems in four aspects of the wind",to find their own shortcomings and weaknesses, and combine theory with practice, their lack ofseek truth from facts, find the ideological transformation, insufficient job ability, lack of party spirit accomplishment insufficient for, find their own image. on the basis of self-criticism, the participants from each party spirit, style of work, seek truth from facts and objective put forwardcriticism.

  finally, the party branch secretary commented on meetings, requires each party to further enhance the understanding of the party's mass line education practice of great significance,further strengthen the ideals and convictions of party members; for finding out problems, a solid grasp of the implementation of the rectification; do the staffing of the projects, improve the execution of work, strengthening the the topic of organizational life achievements.

  the topic of organizational life from first to last with democratic atmosphere, serious, serious,harmonious meeting, make the party member to checking and correcting themselves find gaps,strengthen the responsibility to promote the progress of the party organization learningobjective.

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