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energy storage battery container

aoply to power plant (station), suhste   on(power distibution station) and industrial etc
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product overview
intelligent energy storage containers are generally used for energy storage and power supply systems in new energy (wind, photovoltaic, etc.) power generation systems, as well as "peak shaving and valley filling" in three-phase ac power grid systems. they are flexible power equipment in power grid systems; according to needs, it can be used for the "storage" and release "of electrical energy and achieve intelligent control, making it a high-end equipment for power supply and distribution systems today. the product has high manufacturing accuracy, small deformation, and the box structure adopts double-layer insulation materials. it is equipped with an intelligent strong cold air circulation system and an intelligent fire protection system to achieve remote intelligent control of the battery energy storage system.

performance characteristics:
product technical features:
1. small size: 20 foot iso international standard container (6058 length * 2438 width * 2896 height mm);
2. rated voltage: dc850-1500v;
3. maximum working voltage: dc2000v:
4. bus power frequency (1min) withstand voltage: dc4400v;
5. frequency: 50/60hz;
6. protection level: ip55;
7. maximum capacity: 4.078mwh (dc);
8. long discharge time: 3h (hours);
9. maximum output current: 1600a;
10. maximum total weight: 41 tons;
11. high electrical safety performance: safety distance>38mm;
12. intelligent control of the charging and discharging process of energy storage batteries;
13. suitable environmental temperature: -45 ° c - 60 ° c;
14. good insulation effect of the box body (dual insulation process); double side door opening, convenient for maintenance; the air conditioning adopts dedicated cooling air ducts; the box material is made of high-strength weather resistant steel (spa-h);

rated voltage


rated frequency


maximum rated operating voltage


insulation (withstand voltage) level


protection level


maximum capacity of storage tank


safe distance of high voltage live


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