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the thirteenth meeting of the first board of directors of the kerun

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the morning of september 30, 2016, the first session of the thirteenth meeting of the board of directors held in the conference room 209. all directors attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the chairman wang rong, members of the supervisory board, the secretary of the board of directors and other senior management personnel to attend the meeting.

the meeting voted to consider the way of capitalization of capital reserve bill >, < on amendments to the articles of motion >, < on the draw was held in 2016 third extraordinary general meeting of the motion > three motion.

chairman wang rong made an important speech at the meeting. the chairman pointed out: the company registered capital reserve into capital, the registered capital will be increased to more than 100 million yuan, is a major decision made by the board of directors of the company, in order to meet the demands of the market, will have a profound impact on improving the company's quality.

the chairman stressed: quality is the life of enterprise, all of the company's work to be carried out on product quality, do not pay attention to quality is tantamount to dutch act; all departments should strive to reduce costs, the cost of enterprise life. the chairman proposed: the company should set up reasonable suggestions "technological innovation innovation", each employee must provide reasonable suggestions suggestions are given, each paid 20 yuan, such as to be adopted and play the role of the reward. each department will assist personnel cut down.

the chairman pointed out that managers must have a virtue, which is the key to strengthen the executive force, non german people can not be used, but can not reuse, the company atmosphere should be positive, delicate gas is, "corui" brand tree.

wang rongyu zhou mingcai

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