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wang, chairman of the standing committee of the ninth cppcc participate in the thirty-first meeting of the economic and business studies society

posttime:2016-09-09 14:48:57
   september 9 afternoon, the city of the ninth cppcc standing committee held its 31st meeting economic and business research society annual meeting, listen to the city's economic and social development this year and municipal cppcc economic research business work. city committee chairman wang shiny chaired the meeting, municipal committee, deputy mayor of yugen jun inform government, vice-chairman zhou narcissus, hair shuifang, zhou jun wang, shengqiu ming, zhuji you, the secretary-general chen ang hui attend the meeting, wang rong, chairman of the division i attend the meeting and exchange statement.
  wang, chairman of the enterprise economic research at the annual meeting made a statement exchange entitled "practice and thinking innovation transformation" of. chairman wang introduced their enterprise transformation and upgrading of the road some of the well-established practice, so that enterprises has been rapid development, by kerun electricity business transformation and upgrading of entrepreneurial innovation anatomy, made a number of constructive thinking, to give the leaders and entrepreneurs of the recognition and praise.
  after listening to the statements of each branch exchange enterprise municipal cppcc economic research, wang shui-liang and relevant functional departments of the municipal government hopes in the new economic normality to change their attitude and overcome the psychological blind pursuit of riches, and confused, hesitant mentality; to choose quasi upgrade path, combined with the "internet " thinking, in the new economic normality to share economic philosophy, emphasis on innovation, the unity of knowledge, promote the rapid development of enterprises; pay more attention to cost control, product features to play best, optimal quality, raw materials do most provinces, to enable enterprises to achieve the best efficiency; should learn to grasp the opportunity, leveraging the development, combined with the actual city development planning, to further improve the industrial chain, to build a good industrial development path ; taxation of the financial sector to play a role in the development of ground gas fiscal and financial support policies to help enterprises carry out a predicament work; to dare to play, as the good, improve efficiency, streamline the approval process, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, the "waiter" services implemented.
  at the meeting, representatives of the city government informed yugen jun 1-8 months the city's economic and social development and the work of the government. he said that this year, the city with the supply-side structural reforms as the main line, the main driving force of innovation in the people business, with six top ten special action-oriented starting point, firmly lay the transformation and upgrading of "combined" economic social development has made new achievements. yugen jun hope the relevant departments to go all out to perform their duties, and effectively strengthen the awareness of line, serving as consciousness, self-awareness, make up the short board, to further improve service enterprises, serving the people, service capability and level of economic and social development.

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