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zhang, general manager of division i participate peaks • 2016 chinese fund investment peak in quzhou

posttime:2016-06-29 13:29:36

  the morning of june 28, 2016 · china investment summit by the fund quzhou quzhou municipal government held in quzhou garden 258 innovation park. quzhou city vice mayor tang feifan attended and delivered a speech. our general manager zhang peaks invited to attend the meeting.


  the summit to "find value share growth" as the theme. vice mayor tang feifan noted quzhou city in recent years to introduce and fund management attaches great importance to municipal government set up a special investment fund management center, the industrial fund management committee, and promulgated the "interim measures on management industry quzhou municipal fund," around " investment operations specialization, market-oriented and efficiency, "the goal, efforts to strengthen and standardize the operation and management of the fund industry, give full play to the leverage effect of government funds, boosting the city's industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote the city's economic and social sustainable and healthy development .
  quzhou participate in the summit more than 100 local businesses, more than 50 fund companies in the field. at the meeting, special guest nasdaq before china chief representative and director of asia xu guangxun as "how the fund for the local economy", beijing zhongguancun collaborative innovation investment fund management co., ltd., general manager of sun secondary lock as "a pro-kim collaboration, innovation and development, "general manager zheshang bank of asset management telecommunications for as" pushing the fund business restructuring and development of the real economy, "keynote speech, weng wenbin, deputy director of the municipal finance bureau of quzhou city investment environment promotion and policy of the fund as described . our general manager zhang peaks at the meeting made a report roadshow, rigorous logic, illustrated ppt, the fact that the full, detailed data and future prospects majestic momentum, coupled with the general chapter cadence, clear presentation, the company's roadshow report kerun by the leaders, and venture capital fund you praise guests.

  during the meeting, zhang always connect with everybody participating in the summit and venture capital fund guests, intent on cooperation on the project company for the exchange.

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