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company to carry out fire safety emergency evacuation drills

posttime:2016-06-11 13:41:26

      to further improve the company's fire safety, enhance fire safety awareness of all employees, june 8 pm, fire employees by the company and jointly organized by the city fire brigade security emergency evacuation drills held at the companys central avenue. more than 70 company employees to participate in this exercise.     

      watch a slideshow of fire safety education, along with the alarm sounded, fire safety emergency evacuation drills began. 15:10, third floor office building billowing "smoke", branch secretary le tianguang first time after the report "fire", immediately notify the company of non-equipment group cut fire power. emergency squad quickly open the doors and windows of all channels, organize employees evacuate. participated in the training of staff under the guidance of the total music production luxian rong, vice president of his nose and mouth with a wet towel, quick and orderly evacuation from the port to escape safely set and the head count. subsequently, the company emergency squad conducted a fire drill site.  

      exercise ended, the fire brigade is also to participate in the activities of employees explaining demonstrate the use of fire equipment, basic operations and evacuation escape skills when fire, and guide some employees experienced a dry powder fire extinguisher for extinguishing oil pan fire, fire hose two connecting train and other projects.   

      the fire exercises, various departments work closely together, so that the initiative in a timely manner, properly handled, effective action to further examine the organization and coordination of the relevant functional departments of the company fire fighting and emergency evacuation and rescue situations and to respond to emergencies disposal the ability to enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, enhance the combat capability of the emergency rescue team, laid the foundation for the company to do a good job of production safety and fire prevention, to create a harmonious and safe enterprise has played a positive role in promoting.

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