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kerun electricity sales meeting a success

posttime:2016-04-08 09:54:27
   april 5, kerun electricity sales meeting in jiangshan geng reading leisure farm conference hall was held. company chairman wang, zhang, general manager of the peaks, all sales personnel and foreign sales representatives, company executives, each division, department heads participate jointly chaired by zhang peaks.
  first, the company vice president zhou fangcheng read kerun electricity document no. 9 "decision on zhu chunguang, a high order of commendation kingdom comrades" and kerun power 10 document "decision on zhu chunguang and other sales staff incentives." sales manager xuxiang ping informed the overall sales of the year 2015, and announced the "branch of china electric power technology co., ltd. 2016 annual sales responsibility system", the responsibility around to the fundamental business benefits, the use of standardized operating system sales, positive and reasonable incentive measures to achieve standardized management, detailed objectives and incentives clarity. then the company line quality and production lines have been made a report on the work of the leadership and assurance.
  secondly, sales of the elite representatives took the floor to company leaders and participants reported the work in 2015 and shared their experience, which will also help to learn from each other between the various representatives. sales elite have said in maintaining market stability and to cultivate customer growth based on increasing policy execution, improve service standards, etc., to achieve a better performance in 2016.
  then, wang rong, chairman of an important speech. he first achieved impressive performance in recent years, sales department, said sure, make a significant contribution to the sales of the elite say thanks. secondly shared a history of the development of enterprises, with the market environment on the company's current and future development of the layout are described, he pointed out: in the future the company will develop a highly efficient, high-quality sales "tigers" team, in the new normal economy, unite as one, to tackle tough, complete the objectives and tasks. wong tung & partners also requires all sales people now and in the future with confidence, no matter how complicated the situation in the industry, as long as the strict quality control internal and external strengthening marketing, practical advance, will accelerate the upgrade of "run by" brand image, the early realization of division run-brand international.
  finally, chapter peaks, general manager of the meeting a brief summary. after the meeting, the participants were posed for pictures, for dinner.

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