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jiangshan city 2016 new year gathering will be business silhouette

posttime:2016-02-04 13:26:08

  february 3 afternoon, the municipal government held the 2016 new year gathering will be enterprises, lvyue long mao jiang mei, wang shui-liang, comfortable and so 市四套班子 leadership and the majority of entrepreneurs, suppliers river, in the river business people and representatives of the new country gathered to celebrate the new year, and discuss development plans were then better future. party secretary lvyue long on behalf of the municipal government to all concerned to support and participate in the economic and social development of the city's business community to extend my sincere new year's blessing and greetings. zhejiang hill chemical co., ltd. and other eight companies interviewed person in charge of the scene. they said that the municipal government held a grand gathering will be enterprise, reflecting the importance of enterprise development and care. the new year will further boost morale, entrepreneurial innovation, bigger and stronger enterprises, in order to ensure a high level of synchronization with the province building a moderately prosperous society, building a happy country, to create a vibrant city and make new contributions.

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